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Tower Three, aka Test Chamber 1

Tower Three, also known as Test Chamber 1 and beta chamber, is a location eastward of Deepshore. It has been used, primarily, as a testing field for 'subjects' (players) by Scienziato. Any other purpose it serves is currently unknown.

Tower History

This tower was first described as 'beta chamber' by Scienziato and IntelligentMan, after inspecting Regendur for testing.

This tower was alluded to directly by Niklos after the events of Invasion. He spoke to the players (namely Regendur) that they should beware, as their testing was soon coming.

The next day, Regendur, PrincessRina, and Riedow were subjected to it's contents.

Tower Layout

The known layout of the tower includes three floors:

  • Roof: The starting area for test subjects, also houses a hovering platform utilized by Scienziato.
  • Top floor: A jumping puzzle, where the floor is mainly lava.
  • Second floor: First part of a glass maze. IntelligentMan is programmed to spawn zombie mobs in here, and also to go into 'predator mode', hunting down the player as they frantically try to reach the next floor.
  • Bottom floor: Second part of a glass maze. IntelligentMan continues his 'predator mode', while now spawning skeletons and spiders. This floor contains the exit. Exiting means the subject has completed the test.

Approximate Coordinates

X: -86
Y: 66
Z: -587
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