Gentle Earth: Minecraft Server Wiki

Tower 1, pre-destruction.

Tower One was a location, just beyond Deepshore that was run by IntelligentMan. According to Niklos, this was one of two towers (the other being Tower Seven) that contained control nodes for IntelligentMan's A.I. In a fit of rage, the A.I. destroyed both towers. The current repercussions of this action are unknown.

Tower History[]

This was the first tower players were aware of, as it was just beyond their field of vision from the spawn. Players who tried to investigate the tower were often met with a violent response by IntelligentMan. One day Niklos allowed players inside the first floor and basement, whereupon a Weather Control systems maintenance was discovered.

This tower also became a prime location during the Invasion, IntelligentMan (having started to develop his personality) use it's view to mock BEN, and let players beat on the invader.

It was not long after this that players were taken to Tower Three, where they were given their first round of 'testing' by Scienziato and the A.I. After a disagreement after testing, IntelligentMan blew this tower up, apparently having gone rogue. This act seemed to concern Niklos a great deal.

Approximate Coordinates[]

X: 47
Y: 64
Z: -54