Abandoned Picture.png

Little is known about this character so far. He is the creator of UFO's and Government Coverups, a site dedicated to the search for truth. He has claimed to be the sillouhette in the stained photo that is found on's abandoned.html. He claims to have been seven years old and that the years was 1972. His birthday is March 3, 1965, making him 46 years old. Gary also claims responsibility for the "i can help you" picture on, saying that he "hacked a link here [to his website] onto your page []." He is interested in helping whoever is behind the broadcast, believing that "this site [] proves somehow our person in trouble is linked to this photo, and my lifelong obsession. We must help her, we must find the truth." It may be worth noting that "mmxii" are Roman Numerals that translate to "2012". This character has a Skype username, "garygmmxii". It should be noted that the Skype username given on his site's contact page is incorrect.

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