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In addition to Ciela's presence yesterday, David also arrived later that evening. I showed up after he'd been there for a bit, so I don't have the full transcript. If someone else does, please add it to the top.

>16:24:58 [INFO] <Loiathal> David! I haven't met you yet. I'm Loiathal [0m

>16:25:06 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> ...Hello. [0m

>16:25:34 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Death7755: /msg Loiathal Tpa to me.

>16:25:45 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Loiathal: /tpa death7755

>16:25:48 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Death7755: /tpaccept

>16:26:01 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Death7755: /msg Loiathal THis way.

>16:26:29 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> ..Oh. [0m

>16:26:30 [INFO] <Loiathal> Hello. [0m

>16:26:57 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> I'm... sorry. [0m

>16:27:04 [INFO] <Loiathal> Why are you sorry? [0m

>16:27:11 [INFO] <Death7755> Don't be, you haven't done anything wrong. [0m

>16:27:11 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> Because... I didn't know. [0m

>16:27:18 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> Yes.. [0m

>16:27:21 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> Yes I have. [0m

>16:27:32 [INFO] <Loiathal> Is it related to the truth? [0m

>16:27:40 [INFO] <Riedow> David..stop being so emo.. [0m

>16:28:35 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> ... [0m

>16:28:39 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> Yes, it is. [0m

>16:29:00 [INFO] <Loiathal> Is there anything you can tell us about it? If not, that's alright. [0m

>16:29:13 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> ...We're not... [0m

>16:29:15 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> ...I... [0m

>16:29:31 [INFO] <Riedow> Come on David [0m

>16:29:34 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> ...the past. [0m

>16:29:35 [INFO] <Death7755> Don't go on if you're not confortable with it. We understand. [0m

>16:29:49 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> You are looking... into the past. [0m

>16:29:58 [INFO] <Loiathal> Right this second? Or you? [0m

>16:30:14 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> The broadcasts. The websites. That is not you. [0m

>16:30:28 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> Not you now, anyways.... [0m

>16:30:36 [INFO] <Loiathal> They're....from the past? [0m

>16:30:47 [INFO] <Loiathal> Laura Sharpe NEEDED us in the past? [0m

>16:30:50 [INFO] <Death7755> From before we woke up here? [0m

>16:30:55 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> a mental bond... has allowed all of us to see into the past. [0m

>16:31:07 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> When you go to those places... talk to those people... [0m

>16:31:12 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> It is you, in the past. [0m

>16:31:31 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> You are here, now, and it is a result of that past. [0m

>16:31:36 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> You can change it. [0m

>16:31:40 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> We all can change it. [0m

>16:31:43 [INFO] <Loiathal> ....if we change that past, what happens to us here? [0m

>16:31:55 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> It doesn't matter. [0m

>16:32:12 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> Greater things are at stake.... than this place. [0m

>16:32:38 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> You must learn the truth of the past... to save yourself from the present. Because this place... [0m

>16:32:46 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> This... [0m

>16:32:55 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> [0m

>16:33:04 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> not Earth. [0m

>16:33:18 [INFO] <Loiathal> .....what is it then? [0m

>16:33:30 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> ... [0m

>16:34:57 [INFO] <Loiathal> Very well. Where should we begin our search? [0m

>16:36:05 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> ... You have to find out about the corporation. [0m

>16:36:15 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> Everything... is because of them. [0m

>16:36:30 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> They work for the government... and it's all their fault... [0m

>16:36:42 [INFO] <Death7755> Majestic 12? [0m

>16:37:08 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> ...Yes. The CSSA worked for the Majestic 12... [0m

>16:37:19 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> They gained so much power... the 12.... [0m

>16:37:39 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> The President didn't run the government by our time. They did. They ran the world. [0m

>16:37:52 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> Illuminati... that is fiction. The 12.... they were not. [0m

>16:38:40 [INFO] <Loiathal> Like Kojima's Patroits [0m

>16:38:43 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> ... I've said too much. [0m

>16:38:47 [INFO] <Loiathal> Patriots [0m

>16:38:51 [INFO] <Loiathal> I understand. [0m

>16:39:03 [INFO] <Loiathal> Ciela was concerned about saying too much earlier also. [0m

>16:39:25 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> If you want to discover more... look into Colorado Springs, and who worked their. [0m

>16:39:30 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> Then look into Roswell. [0m

>16:39:41 [INFO] <Loiathal> Colorado Springs, then Roswell [0m

>16:39:49 [INFO] <Loiathal> Got it. [0m

>16:39:59 [INFO] < [31m~David [37m> .. [0m

>16:40:01 [INFO] ForerunnerMan lost connection: disconnect.quitting

16:40:01 [INFO] Connection reset

Big things to note.[]

The websites are in the past.