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Ciela in front of my house.

On 9/7/11, around 12:30 PM CST, Ciela, under the name "Strangerwoman" arrived on the server. At first, I didn't know she was a canon character, until I saw her name was red, which is why I soudnd dumb at the beginning :)

Below is the transcript of our discussions:

When she logged in, I was standing in my house, and had to go look for her.

>08:15:18 [INFO] Strangerwoman [/] logged in with entity id 2513153 at ([world] -44.90603926223494, 67.0, -149.11493981056717)

>08:18:36 [INFO] <Loiathal> Howdy [0m

>08:18:41 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> ...Hello [0m

>08:18:41 [INFO] <Loiathal> Welcome to the server :) [0m

>08:19:09 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> ..Server? [0m

>08:20:25 [INFO] <Loiathal> Oh [0m

>08:20:28 [INFO] <Loiathal> Whao [0m

>08:20:53 [INFO] <Loiathal> I'm Loiathal, it's nice to meet you. [0m

>08:20:54 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> ..I'm sorry? [0m

>08:21:07 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I'm Ciela. [0m

>08:21:13 [INFO] <Loiathal> You live under Deepshore Lake, right? [0m

>08:21:23 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Deepshore Lake...? [0m

>08:21:36 [INFO] <Loiathal> Through the trapdoor, underwater? [0m

>08:21:42 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Oh, yes. I did. [0m

>08:21:48 [INFO] <Loiathal> There's a sign in there that says it's "Ciela's House" [0m

>08:21:56 [INFO] <Loiathal> Oh, you've since moved? [0m

>08:21:59 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> This area has changed. [0m

>08:22:04 [INFO] <Loiathal> yes [0m

>08:22:10 [INFO] <Loiathal> Many of us woke up here recently [0m

>08:22:15 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I see. [0m

>08:22:17 [INFO] <Loiathal> No sense living in squalor. [0m

>08:22:26 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> So there is more than just David now? [0m

>08:22:37 [INFO] <Loiathal> yes, although I haven't seen him in a while. [0m

>08:22:43 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Oh... [0m

>08:22:48 [INFO] <Loiathal> If I may ask, how did you get here? [0m

>08:23:18 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> By walking. [0m

>08:23:42 [INFO] <Loiathal> You walked? From where? I didn't think there was civilization anywhere within walking distance. [0m

>08:23:54 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Oh, there's not. [0m

>08:24:05 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> You have the only civilization. [0m

At this point, I found Ciela in front of the house with the sign "To an old friend" that's near the fishing shack.

>08:24:40 [INFO] <Loiathal> So you came here by yourself? [0m

>08:24:48 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Just now? Yes. [0m

>08:25:02 [INFO] <Loiathal> Do you know who's house this is? [0m

>08:25:06 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> No. [0m

>08:25:07 [INFO] <Loiathal> I've often wonered. [0m

>08:25:10 [INFO] <Loiathal> *wondered [0m

>08:25:41 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> You began commerce? [0m

>08:25:55 [INFO] <Loiathal> Sort of [0m

>08:25:56 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Err, well not you specifically.. but your society? [0m

>08:26:00 [INFO] <Loiathal> I don't know if anyone's bought any fish [0m

>08:26:04 [INFO] <Loiathal> But I operate a trading center [0m

>08:26:16 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> That's good. [0m

>08:26:24 [INFO] <Loiathal> Not usually with currency, but gold, diamonds, or whatever else pepole have in trade. [0m

>08:26:30 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Have you established any sort of government? [0m

>08:26:34 [INFO] <Loiathal> Not at the moment. [0m

>08:26:39 [INFO] <Loiathal> We're still fairly small. [0m

>08:26:59 [INFO] <Loiathal> Haven't needed one yet, although if there a problems we'll probably do so. [0m

>08:27:08 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I would suggest it. [0m

>08:27:23 [INFO] <Loiathal> Why, if I may ask? [0m

>08:27:29 [INFO] <Loiathal> Just for it's general usefulness? [0m

We began moving down the path of Deepshore.

>08:27:54 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> To show the others that humans are strong and capable. [0m

>08:28:09 [INFO] <Loiathal> ...the others? What others? The scientists? [0m

>08:28:14 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Yes. [0m

>08:28:14 [INFO] <Loiathal> IntelligentMan? [0m

>08:28:24 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> "Spleef"? [0m

And then stopped in front of the spleef arena.

>08:28:24 [INFO] <Loiathal> They are not human? [0m

>08:28:29 [INFO] <Loiathal> It's a game [0m

>08:28:41 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Oh, a sport? [0m

>08:28:42 [INFO] <Loiathal> You try to dig underneath the other person [0m

>08:28:43 [INFO] <Loiathal> Yes [0m

>08:28:48 [INFO] <Loiathal> And knock them into the pool. [0m

>08:28:56 [INFO] <Loiathal> I'm not very good at it, but it's quite a lot of fun. [0m

>08:29:00 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> That's good, sports are part of an established culture. [0m

>08:29:13 [INFO] <Loiathal> Agreed. It's an excellent outlet. [0m

>08:29:45 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> And these homes are quite extravagant, considering your limited resources. [0m

>08:29:51 [INFO] <Loiathal> Hehe-- I couldn't help myslef. [0m

>08:29:59 [INFO] <Loiathal> I have a lot of time on my hands, so I figured I might as well. [0m

>08:30:22 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> This is all very good. [0m

>08:30:27 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I'm happy. [0m

>08:30:33 [INFO] <Loiathal> I'm glad you like it....does this mean you'll be staying? [0m

>08:30:43 [INFO] <Loiathal> We have plenty of space [0m

>08:30:55 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I can't let Ziato find me, so no. [0m

>08:30:57 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I'm sorry. [0m

>08:31:01 [INFO] <Loiathal> And we always welcome newcomers, although it seems like you were here first. [0m

>08:31:04 [INFO] <Loiathal> Ziato? [0m

>08:31:12 [INFO] <Loiathal> Is he one of the scientists? [0m

>08:31:23 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Yes, you know him well. [0m

>08:31:28 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Scienziato. [0m

>08:31:44 [INFO] <Loiathal> Oh yes [0m

>08:31:50 [INFO] <Loiathal> I've encountered him once before. [0m

>08:31:58 [INFO] <Loiathal> I wouldn't call him a pleasant man. [0m

>08:32:05 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Agreed. [0m

>08:32:16 [INFO] <Loiathal> What is he looking for you for? [0m

Here, we reached Forerunnerman's home.

>08:32:41 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Oh... [0m

>08:32:49 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> David doesn't live here anymore? [0m

>08:32:59 [INFO] <Loiathal> No. He must have moved before we arrived [0m

>08:33:05 [INFO] <Loiathal> Although we've met him a few times. [0m

>08:33:13 [INFO] <Loiathal> I do not know where he lives now. [0m

>08:33:37 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> You will have to convince him to come back. [0m

>08:33:54 [INFO] <Loiathal> he is important to this? [0m

>08:34:05 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> All of you must work together. [0m

>08:34:07 [INFO] <Loiathal> he seemed very distraught. [0m

>08:34:11 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> To establish society. [0m

>08:34:15 [INFO] <Loiathal> Mumbled a lot about the truth [0m

>08:34:16 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> ...I can imagine. [0m

>08:34:25 [INFO] <Loiathal> Why is society so important here? [0m

>08:34:37 [INFO] <Loiathal> What are the scientists studying here? [0m

>08:34:48 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Because without society, humans... people... [0m

>08:34:55 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> We simply crumble. [0m

>08:35:02 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> You must prove yourselves to them. [0m

>08:35:08 [INFO] <Loiathal> Alright [0m

>08:35:15 [INFO] <Loiathal> I do not understand why, but I will do so. [0m

We left David's house and went back outside. It was nighttime, and we encountered monsters for the first time since she arrived.

>08:35:49 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I see Ziato turned on his toys. [0m

>08:36:00 [INFO] <Loiathal> What toys are those? The monsters? [0m

>08:36:05 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Yes. [0m

>08:36:13 [INFO] <Loiathal> Dreadful things. [0m

>08:36:27 [INFO] <Loiathal> Although I have developed methods of destroying them. [0m

>08:37:42 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> This is David's boat.. [0m

This was the little boat near the Invictus, with the maps and compass.

>08:37:59 [INFO] <Loiathal> The Invictus? [0m

>08:38:03 [INFO] <Loiathal> Where did he sail it? [0m

>08:38:05 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> No this one. [0m

>08:38:11 [INFO] <Loiathal> Ah. [0m

>08:39:03 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> ...Where is Tower One? [0m

>08:39:21 [INFO] <Loiathal> See those blocks under the water? [0m

>08:39:27 [INFO] <Loiathal> That's all that's left. [0m

>08:39:31 [INFO] <Loiathal> IntelligentMan destroyed it. [0m

>08:39:46 [INFO] <Loiathal> Presumably because it functioned as a control node. [0m

>08:40:06 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> ... [0m

>08:40:16 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I see. [0m

>08:40:18 [INFO] <Loiathal> Where did you go? [0m

>08:40:30 [INFO] <Loiathal> I do not know how he did so. [0m

We swam over to the remains of Tower One. She was very quiet for a while, as if thinking the situation over.

>08:40:35 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> The remains of Tower One. [0m

>08:41:01 [INFO] <Loiathal> This is all that is left. [0m

>08:41:29 [INFO] <Loiathal> Not even all the explosives I own could have destroyed that. [0m

>08:41:56 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> He won't destroy twelve, at least. [0m

>08:42:08 [INFO] <Loiathal> What is special about twelve? [0m

>08:42:14 [INFO] <Loiathal> He also destroyed 7. [0m

>08:42:20 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> ...I cannot say, really. [0m

>08:42:24 [INFO] <Loiathal> The rest are intact, as far as I know. [0m

At this point, she teleported both of us to the shore by Tower Twelve.

>08:44:31 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> The truth to everything is in twelve. [0m

>08:44:41 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> But you cannot go in, nor out. [0m

>08:44:46 [INFO] <Loiathal> No, there are no entrances. [0m

>08:45:05 [INFO] <Loiathal> And even explosves won't put a dent in that construction. [0m

>08:45:21 [INFO] <Loiathal> Is that was David saw? [0m

>08:45:25 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Perhaps one day you will find a way. But you will have to search for the truth another way. [0m

>08:45:45 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> David was in that place many times. [0m

>08:46:00 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> But that wasn't how he learned the truth. [0m

>08:46:20 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> ...oh David... [0m

>08:46:27 [INFO] <Loiathal> Where should we begin our search then? Or, how can we help David? [0m

>08:46:59 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> What have you learned so far? [0m

>08:47:08 [INFO] <Loiathal> not much, I'm afraid. [0m

>08:47:14 [INFO] <Loiathal> The scientists know something [0m

>08:47:25 [INFO] <Loiathal> David is tormented by whatever it is that he knows. [0m

>08:48:04 [INFO] <Loiathal> The towers are meant for observation [0m

>08:48:07 [INFO] <Loiathal> And perhaps other things. [0m

>08:48:20 [INFO] <Loiathal> But we haven't been inside any of them except three. [0m

>08:48:25 [INFO] <Loiathal> For "testing" [0m

Here, we returned to the spawn point, where we stayed for the rest of our discussion.

>08:49:04 [INFO] <Loiathal> And don't drink the cactus juice. [0m

I couldn't help myself.

>08:50:05 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Hm. [0m

>08:50:12 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> There is nothing else? [0m

>08:50:36 [INFO] <Loiathal> Someone named Laura Sharpe needs our help. [0m

>08:50:42 [INFO] <Loiathal> But we don't know how to contact her. [0m

>08:50:43 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> ...! [0m

>08:50:48 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I see. [0m

>08:51:10 [INFO] <Loiathal> You recognize the name? [0m

>08:51:17 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Yes. [0m

>08:51:31 [INFO] <Loiathal> David left a book, with writing about her in his old house. [0m

>08:51:44 [INFO] <Loiathal> But didn't seem to know how to contact her ether. [0m

>08:52:06 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Well he knows how to now, but he can't. [0m

>08:52:15 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Listen, David's memory is...fragile. [0m

>08:52:26 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> He's remembering things all the time. [0m

>08:52:32 [INFO] <Loiathal> That sounds like an understatement. [0m

>08:52:48 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Don't be surprised if he knows something he didn't before. [0m

>08:53:03 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> You cannot blame him for it, someone else tampered with his mind. [0m

>08:53:08 [INFO] <Loiathal> I'll ask him next time he comes around. Looking for him has never been a fruitful excercise. [0m

>08:53:14 [INFO] <Loiathal> Tampered...? [0m

>08:53:24 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Yes. [0m

>08:53:27 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> A long, long time ago. [0m

>08:53:35 [INFO] <Loiathal> One of the scientists? Ziedo? [0m

>08:53:54 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> No, long before they were even a part of his life. [0m

>08:54:04 [INFO] <Loiathal> I see. [0m

>08:54:29 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I will reveal what little I can. [0m

>08:54:40 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> David was a scientist. [0m

>08:54:44 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> His name is David Hood. [0m

>08:54:48 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Understand? [0m

>08:54:51 [INFO] <Loiathal> Yes. [0m

>08:54:58 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Good. [0m

>08:55:05 [INFO] <Loiathal> After whatever happened to him, he is no longer one of them? [0m

>08:55:37 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> The scientists you know have no relation to the science team David was a part of. [0m

>08:55:46 [INFO] <Loiathal> Ok. [0m

>08:56:18 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I must go now. [0m

>08:56:22 [INFO] <Loiathal> Alright. [0m

>08:56:25 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I have a feeling my presence has been detected. [0m

>08:56:31 [INFO] <Loiathal> Do you need any assistance covering your presence up? [0m

>08:56:36 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> No. [0m

>08:56:41 [INFO] <Loiathal> Good luck then [0m

>08:56:43 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> I can hide myself well here. [0m

>08:56:49 [INFO] <Loiathal> Thank you, and I hope to see you again soon. [0m

>08:56:55 [INFO] < [31m~Ciela [37m> Goodbye. [0m

>08:56:57 [INFO] <Loiathal> You are welcome here anytime. [0m

At this point, she logged out. She seemed very interested in our advancing our society, including creating a government, and our spleef arena." As for "finding the truth", I'm not sure where we should look now. Hopefully David comes by soon-- maybe we can get some coherent information out of him now. If not, we're probably best off looking for Laura Sharpe. Also, perhaps establishing a government will get us somewhere with the scientists? It can't hurt.