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Greth held a QnA on the evening of 8/19 on Chatango. Here is the transcript, editted slightly for format.


MFGreth: This is the second part of the QnA i started yesterday.
MFGreth: I decided it wasn't necessarilly fair to people who weren't here to not get their questions in, so I'm gonna give it a second round for them.
MFGreth: Assuming some of them show up.
MFGreth: Anyways, I'll still answer any questions from people who already asked anyways, and any newcomers. Zimmeh will try and answer any questions directed at him, as well (I hope haha) to the best of his abilities.
MrZimmeh: I'm sure there will be some dropping in

MrZimmeh: What give you the idea for the story?
MrZImmeh: gave*
MFGreth: The idea for the story?
MrZimmeh: Yeah, the basic idea
MFGreth: Well, I don't want to give too much away so I'm a little afraid to give away the inspirations, honestly.
MFGreth: Hm well, I'm trying to think of all my inspirations and any that might not reveal too much.
MrZimmeh: Is one of them Lost?

MFGreth: Ha ha, no, actually.
MrZimmeh: Sad face.

MFGreth: THat actually came from something else, a little game series called Lost in Blue.
MrZimmeh: Hmm, Lost in Blue?
MFGreth: Yes, Lost in Blue is a little Konami series.
MFGreth: In it you play either a boy or girl, shipwrecked on a deserted island.
MFGreth: You have to work with the computer to survive, like eating, hunting, building.
MFGreth: There was a Gameboy one too called Survival Kids, it was the first one before they gave it a name change. It was more RPGish.
MFGreth: Other inspirations include things for specific characterizations include Tron, 2001 a Space Oddyssey, and BladeRunner.
MFGreth: I imagine David is very much a Deckard.

MFGreth: Yes, there was one specific game for the Super Nintendo that was the main catalyst for the ENTIRE ARG idea, when i first started working on it with Deacon in... April
MFGreth: Way before we even considered it being Minecraft related (that inspiration came from Zim, of course).
MFGreth: We had a lot of stuff planned, but were unsure how to kickstart it. We were all, obviously, ARG vets, me specifically having been involved in puppertmastering... oh about 7 or 8 different ARGs
MFGreth: Those were what I called, however, weekenders. They're ARGs meant only to last, say, a few weeks or even only a week.
MFGreth: This is the first one I've managed to be in the long run for.
MFGreth: And sorry I didn't answer you Gir, was still finishing up, haha.
MFGreth: Of the 8 ARGs ive planned, only 2 failed.

MFGreth: One I wasn't in charge of, and the main puppeteer ended up being a dipshit.
MFGreth: The other failed due to unfortunate circumstances. It largely took place in real life, and was based in Southern California. One of my actors died.

MFGreth: We stopped out of respect for him.

Gir: Are Niklos' and Ziato's skins from something or are they original?
MrZimmeh: Original.

Harshad423: Are you planning on bringing many more mediums in to play?
MFGreth: Yes, I mentioned this a bit yesterday. I'll go a bit more into detail since it won't really hurt.
MFGreth: I have much more experience running ARGs that use websites, telephones, real life, that sort of thing. Running one in Minecraft is totally new for me. So, because this is the *big* one, I want to incorporate as much of my experience as I can.
MFGreth: The Minecraft end is why I asked help from people like Shieldheart and Zimmeh. Shield declined, (politely) because he was busy with Tarron at the time.
MFGreth: I decided me and Zimmeh could go it alone at first, and Deacon would come in when he's ready. Stef and Sheik were added because they were so prominent in WH, and because they were very good at what they did.
MFGreth: I saw that their views from a previous player perspective would help.

MrZimmeh: Hmm, who is your favorite character so far in your ARG?

MFGreth: I'm not entirely sure, they all have their aspects. IntelligentMan is just so damn devious, whereas Ziato is just so...loveably hateable.
MFGreth: David is sort of that lone wolf badass sort. And Niklos is just a breath of fresh air to players, because half the time, I imagine things from their perspective.
MFGreth: I think Laura Sharpe is my favorite, in the end though.
DeathMiasma: Nothing to say about Celia?
MFGreth: Celia is relatively new. I can't really say much about her for the sake of keeping the ARG intact.
MFGreth: Well she's not new to me, but you guys I mean, you know?

Biggoron2195: will Cerberus be making an appearance in this ARG?
MFGreth: Cerberus, like the three headed dog?
MFGreth: I would like to, but I don't think anyone would get it, so probably not.

MrZimmeh: Hmm, will there be Easter Eggs in your ARG from past ARG you have made before?
MFGreth: Easter Eggs aren't too much fun unless you know SOMEONE will get the joke with you.

Harshad423: Do you think you'll be able to draw players in who aren't playing minecraft?
MFGreth: I would like players who don't play minecraft to get involved, since the ARG will be about much more than minecraft. But I can't deny how much of it takes place in game in the beginning. I hope to get their attention once we're further along, once things take more steps outside the game.

Gir: So I read IntelligentMan's sentances in a male GLaDOS voice. Do you think it would fit him?
MFGreth: Hm, I always sort of heard him in that way, of a sort. Kind of like a menacing Stephen Fry with an electronic modulator.

MFGreth: By the way, the questions don't have to be entirely centered around the ARG or game, any general questions about the process or whatever works too. Or even stuff about Jad/WH and my involvement. This is just an all out jam session, if you catch my drift.

MrZimmeh: Do you play MC with any Mods?
MrZimmeh: Such as Mo'Creatures and such
MFGreth: No. The only mod i ever use are texture packs, and I only really use the Lost pack on HC. I use default for my own server, but have a few packs stashed for when I'm bored. Single player i never really play anymore.

Harshad423: What's up with Jad/WH and your involvement?
MFGreth: Ah well, early in the game I sort of took charge. So it was good times to be, more or less, the lead player early on. There was a lot of stuff that happened along the line.
Harshad423: Oh with the youtube interaction with Alex?
MFGreth: Well yes, there was more to it than that however.
MFGreth: See I was one of the 'original' players, despite how stupidly that term tends to get thrown around.
MFGreth: I was part of the first couple to take notice back on /x/, and sort of legitimize the first 'group', way back when the creepypasta was still be posted.
MFGreth: I remember when ARC 2 hit we shat brix, and ZackVee started a steam group and everything.
MFGreth: ZackVee really put us together, the /x/philes, but it seemed like a lot of the opinion and direction lay on me.
MFGreth: Im pretty sure Deacon was around then too.
MFGreth: Ayways I remember when our little IRC/steam group first came up with the idea to use response videos.
MFGreth: I got asked to do it, but I said, honestly, I did not think it would work.
MFGreth: So Freya went and did it, and lo and behold it did work.
MFGreth: And at that point we were forming entire graphs in mspaint, but like big ones, about what to play in what situation
MFGreth: What might happen.
MFGreth: So once I realized I was wrong, I took charge of the chat and became a little dictatorish here and there
MFGreth: Just because I became so spellbound with this particular one.
MFGreth: Most of us were experienced ARG players however, having taken part in stuff like Year Zero and ilovebees
MFGreth: Anyways it got to the point that Jad originally quit the ARG
MFGreth: and then changed his mind a day later.
MFGreth: or something.
MFGreth: The group was a little disillusioned by that point, so we sort of stopped caring en masse. it was now all individual effort.
Harshad423: Wasn't it "got lots of donations, I can keep it going!"
MFGreth: People who cared stayed, people who didnt kind of ignored it. And yes.
MFGreth: We got what we wanted, most of us, after Jad did his 4chan interview. I believe I asked a question or two. Ironically, I got questioned about one of my own old, failed ARGs at the same time, so had to have my own explanatory QnA
MFGreth: it was fear the pigs, love wolfman iirc
MFGreth: that was the one that took place in souther california, where i lived at the time.
Harshad423: Do you reckon he'll bring it back at some point in the future?
MFGreth: Doubt it.
MFGreth: If he does, I wouldnt be interested unless the Resistance asked me to come back anyways.
MFGreth: At first when I quit, I couldnt get away.
MFGreth: Not because I was still interested, but a lot of people kept asking me to join 'this place and that place' 'we need you' 'you're our hope' etc
MFGreth: Eventually I relented and joined WAAL after like the 50th request, and then promptly fucked off
MFGreth: Then i wasnt bothered for a longass time until Deacon asked me to rejoin, and I thought 'oh no this bullshit again'.
MFGreth: I had totally ignored th ewhole thing after that, didnt even know about Within Hubris or whatever.
MFGreth: But the Resistance seemed like they had their shit together, so I decided throwing in my two cents wouldnt hurt.
MFGreth: Though I was more or less a canonical relic at that point.
MFGreth: Except for the odd cipher thing.
MFGreth: Which I heard, we never got a straight answer for anyways.
MFGreth: mfgoforhim or something
MFGreth: you wouldnt believe how impossible it was for people to let my early involvement go though
MFGreth: like when i posted a joke video on my youtube channel
MFGreth: everyone went nuts
MFGreth: and thought it was canon, even though it was a video joking about shawn from mega64
MFGreth: like really
MFGreth: I mean
MFGreth: my involvement was cool
MFGreth: talked to some canon characters, saved Alex, let us talk to ifrit
MFGreth: it was legit
MFGreth: but it doesnt make me any less apprehensive about what happened later
MFGreth: I almost cosnider Arcs 1 and 2 complete, and Arc 3/Ryukaki/WH it's own thing
MFGreth: its too different for me.
MFGreth: If we have anymore Jad questions, I'd be happy to get them out of the way now before we get into other stuff

Harshad423: So, what was that livestream site?
Harshad423: I missed it and I didn't see a summary on the wiki
MFGreth: Which one? On canyouhearme? or...?
MFGreth: Oh right, that's Laura's broadcast. You should pay attention to it.
MFGreth: It won't always be that same broadcast, so make sure to check every so often

Gir: Wait, Laura? I missed something, didn't I
MFGreth: Yes, Laura Sharpe is character. She's not on the server.
MFGreth: is her broadcast signal.
MFGreth: That was well established, I'm not revealing anything haha

MFGreth: I'll also answer any questions about the HC fan events, since I'm not entirely positive if it will end proper or not
Gir: So, with who got the tools, was that decided by how they picked the item?
MrZimmeh: We need to talk about that Greth. xD
MFGreth: Yeah me and Zim should probably shed some light on that
MFGreth: Ah no, the tools were meant to represent their personalities.
MrZimmeh: Oh, I ment that I need to talk to ya something about that.
Gir: So, me and the hoe...?
MFGreth: Oh, haha.
MFGreth: You were gentle, like a hoe needs to be gentle to till the soil so seeds can grow.
MrZimmeh: But as that event goes, it is Canon. =P
MFGreth: Right.

MFGreth: Actually, let's get on with stuff about GE now
MFGreth: I think I should withhold anymore HC info, that's Zim's jawrb if he wants to reveal anything.

MrZimmeh: What do you think of HC personally?
MFGreth: I told the Resistance often
MFGreth: That I cared more about HC than WH
MFGreth: By a large margin.
MFGreth: In my mind, to be honest, I sort of scrubbed out Arc 3 and Ryukaki, and put in HC
MFGreth: because it was more consistent and actually fun
MFGreth: and it did remind me a bit of Arcs 1 and 2
MFGreth: even if I happened upon it a little late
MFGreth: and a little brashly
MFGreth: Well the thing is, you took it and made it your own.
MFGreth: You've done a great job. Not perfect, but no one does perfect.
MFGreth: I'm sure I could think of SOMETHING nitpicky haha

MFGreth: Before Greth, the character's death and that whole mini arc me and you have cooked up for later
MFGreth: What was his purpose? Me and some other players were curious.
MFGreth: Because, even though I hear it was originally an accident, I was given the sound key
MFGreth: The musicbox

MFGreth: so everyone considered me the new sound key for a bit, but then i wasnt because Shield returned
MFGreth: Which i guess was just happenstance
MFGreth: then I was the 'Saviour' because I spared BEN
MFGreth: Were these connected? Was there other plans for me?
MFGreth: I'm simply curious as I became more canon that I ever intended or thought I would be, haha
MrZimmeh: Well, for the musicbox, BEN was poking fun at you guys
MrZimmeh: You guys placed the keys before, and he was respawning fake keys for you guys to place
MrZimmeh: Greth took the music box
MrZimmeh: Darkness was burnted
MrZimmeh: Light was picked up by someone
MrZimmeh: Yeah, he was just throwing them at you guys
MrZimmeh: As for the other thing, there was a connection you and BEN were going to share
MrZimmeh: BEN was going to call off Kelbris everytime you were on.
MrZimmeh: You 'saved' BEN and BEN respects you.
MrZimmeh: Out of respect, he spares everyone from Kelbris.
MFGreth: Which, not to interrupt, we've mostly kept intact
MrZimmeh: Pretty much
MrZimmeh: But now, things have changed.

Gir: To zim, Was the spider dungeon I 'died' in one that was naturally in the cave?
MrZimmeh: It was natural.
MrZimmeh: xD

MFGreth: Also, this has sort of become an all encompassing QnA for me and Zimmeh.
MFGreth: We've talked about Jadusable, HC, and GE
MFGreth: So feel free to ask about whatever

MFGreth: (relevant to those three things of course)
MFGreth: or hell anything ARG related i guess.
MFGreth: That me or him can answer anyways

MrZimmeh: How about that Human Perservation Project?
MFGreth: Ah I'm not involved, to be honest.
MFGreth: I didn't learn of it til' too late
MrZimmeh: Same here
MFGreth: Plus I'm too busy writing GE
MrZimmeh: But still fun to play
MFGreth: I know Riedow got a package from it

Tondier: I have a question for Zim.
MrZimmeh: Yes?
Tondier: The twitter said something about two pages we didn't find a while back. I know we found /experiments, but did we find the other page?
MrZimmeh: Hmm, yes you did.
MrZimmeh: The last one was given to you guys.
MrZimmeh: Sometimes, we will mention them
MrZimmeh: And make you guys waste time
MrZimmeh: Until we give you a clue
MrZimmeh: The Door had a very vague hint.
Regendur: Was it door.htm?
DeathMiasma: Like the BOOK shift 12 thing?
MrZimmeh: We weren't ready to give it out
Regendur: well, seems so. :P
MrZimmeh: Yep, those were just for you guys to think about till later on

MFGreth: Oh speaking of which I have a question for you Zim.
MFGreth: I know the answer but it'd be nice to get everyone to know.
MrZimmeh: No, I don't know who is Stranger.
MFGreth: Yesterday we were discussing Invasion and my stance on it's canonicity.
MrZimmeh: Oh!
MrZimmeh: Yes, I have something to say
MrZimmeh: It is part of it.
MrZimmeh: It will be mentioned soon.
MFGreth: So there you go folks, Invasion is now officially entirely canon both ways.

MrZimmeh: By the way, I would love to give out this clue
MrZimmeh: Stranger's true name has been given out
MrZimmeh: It is hidden in the server somewhere
MrZimmeh: Might be found soon.
Gir: Somewhere as in out in the open
Gir: or somewhere as in a building
Tondier: Is this just something to make us waste time?
MrZimmeh: In a building.
MrZimmeh: No, it's out there.
Tondier: So its in a building we can fairly easily access?
MrZimmeh: The biggest hint for his true name was given out.
Regendur: Would we know it if we saw it?
MrZimmeh: No, you wouldn't.
MrZimmeh: You guys saw it and ingored it.

MFGreth: Alright I was getting some questions post QnA yesterday
MFGreth: About my role in HC now.
MFGreth: Yes, everything to do with Beyond the Void, and the New Way are canon. As mentioned.
MFGreth: However
MFGreth: Greth, as a ghost, is not related to the other ghosts.
MrZimmeh: No, the Ghost is something else.
MFGreth: They have no connection.
Tondier: So its A ghost?
MrZimmeh: Can't say.
MrZimmeh: It is something.

MrZimmeh: Oh, by the way
MrZimmeh: The books weren't given out
MrZimmeh: Because we rewrote some
MrZimmeh: And we are going to release them all at once

Regendur: Yes. What's the darn second hint on my poster? =P
MrZimmeh: Classic Regendur.
MrZimmeh: Oh you.
MrZimmeh: Clear your mind, okay?
MrZimmeh: And take a good look at it
MrZimmeh: Don't over think it

Tondier: Speaking of hints, what about that one zombie event thing?
MrZimmeh: To be honest, I lost the list on who won.
Tondier: Me and Ex.
MrZimmeh: So I don't know who won.
MrZimmeh: Ah, okay.
MrZimmeh: Ex got his hint already
MrZimmeh: I shall give you yours when the 'update' is out.

MrZimmeh: What do plan to do once the arg is over?
MrZimmeh: What will become of the server?
MFGreth: Mine? THat won't be for a long, long time if all goes according to plan, so I'm going to worry about it now.
MFGreth: Ideally though, I would keep it running and maybe start a new story with it.
MFGreth: What about you? Your a bit of ad different case, yours may end soon.
MrZimmeh: We might keep it up for a bit longer.

MrZimmeh: We might have to close down.
MrZimmeh: Money is slightly becoming an issue

MrZimmeh: The server, sadly, is one of the things I must cut off.
MFGreth: Zimmeh... not a question but more of a response.
MFGreth: If you really need we can set up something so HC can continue on the GE server if need be.
MFGreth: We can make more than one world, you know.
MFGreth: They can be travelled between.
MrZimmeh: Oh, no. HC is really ending. Like, it is the end.
MFGreth: Alright then, just a thought.
MrZimmeh: I'm keeping the server up after HC ends for just for kicks
MrZimmeh: Once it dies down

Gir: Zim, is the sign in a building in any of the towns.
MrZimmeh: Place you guys have been too

MFGreth: I'm thinking thats it for the QnA, but I'd like you all to stick around for a bit longer.
MFGreth: Because now I want some feedback
MFGreth: How are you liking GE so far? Complaints? Issues? Thoughts?
MFGreth: Anything you want to throw at me will greatly help
MFGreth: I just want to know your impressions of it so far
MFGreth: what you think needs to be improved, what you like
MFGreth: just anything you can think of. Gir: I really like it
MrZimmeh: Needs more sand.
Tondier: Oh Zimmeh, tricky tricky. Anyways, I like the server. But, when I first joined the server, and I got killed by Intelligentman, and I sat there wondering "What the hell?"
MFGreth: Sorry, he used to be very protective of that tower.
MFGreth: It doesn't exist anymore anyways so...
MFGreth: haha

Gir: What is David's skin?
MFGreth: He doesnt have a skin applied yet.

MFGreth: Oh I have one last question for you Zim
MFGreth: why the hell was my theme Damon Gant's?
MrZimmeh: You reminded me of him. xD
MrZimmeh: I always pictured that song with ya Gir: I have a question like that too. Why a kirby song? :P
MrZimmeh: Same reason, it just seems to fit ya Gir

MFGreth: Alright anymore opinions or what ahve you?
Regendur: I have an opinion:
Regendur: Zim should tell us more. =P
MrZimmeh: I'm too awesome.
Tondier: My opinion is that his opinion is right
Gir: I aprove of those opinions
MrZimmeh: I disaggree
Regendur: See, I have a high approval rating too

MFGreth: Alright well
MFGreth: expect more updates this week
MFGreth: from GE anyways
MFGreth: i know this was a slow week

MFGreth: but we were setlling into a lot of stuff
MrZimmeh: Same here with HC
MrZimmeh: We are currently on the works for the final end.
MFGreth: so more site updates and more surprise character appearances
MFGreth: and hopefully something big
MFGreth: alright

MFGreth: thats it then folks feel free to ske-daddle

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